Our range of premium products can be made into the profile that you require. Different thickness, styles & colour options are available, let us know what you need and we will get it for you. 


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Stainless Steel

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Galvanised Steel

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Chroma Dek

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Our roofing & cladding products can be made into different profiles to fit your project requirements. Profiling is done under strict quality control at our warehouse in Middelburg. 


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IBR (Inverted Box Rib)

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Wide Span IBR

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Klip Lok

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Curve your sheets into the shape you need them. Curving is done in house. 

Lipped Channels

We supply lipped channels, various materials available to fit your project. 


Bullnosing your sheets increases their water reduction and thermal capabilities.

Industrial Rainwater

For serious water management, speak to us about your rainwater management.

Custom Carports

We can supply all the materials needed and build your custom carports for you.

Screws & Fasteners

We can supply you with all the screws and fasteners needed for your projects. 

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Please provide us with more detail in order for us to provide you with an accurate quotation (quantities, sizes etc)


Product vs Profiles

Profiles indicate the shape of the sheeting, we offer different types of profiles that the sheets can be shaped into, including IBR (Inverted Box Rib), Wide Span, or Corrugated. The profile gives the sheet stability. 

Polycarbonate Sheeting (Product)

Polycarbonate sheets come in different color options, be creative with this versatile material. Clear options also avaiable. 

Stainless Steel Sheeting (Product)

Stainless Steel sheets offer multiple benefits, they are fire, heat and corrosion resistant. They offer a long term value and are aestheticly pleasing. 

Galvanised Steel Sheeting (Product)

Galvanised steel sheets are more affordable than their stainless counterparts. The coating offers great performance. Galvanised steel require less maintenance and they offer superb resistance to mechnical damage. 

Chromadek Sheeting (Product)

Chromadek is a unique product with many benefits, they offer improved edge protection and are less prone to cracking and corrosion problems. This is an official product. 

Corrugated Sheeting (Profile)

Corrugated profiles allow structures to get rid of water quickly. They are resistant to adverse weather conditions and corrosion, providing superb long term cost benefits. 

IBR (Inverted Box Rib) (Profile)

IBR sheets are lightweight and felxible, making them a breeze to work with. The are thermally effiecient and generally resistant to corrosion. 

Wide Span (IBR) (Profile)

We offer wide span IBR propfiles, offering most of the benefits of regular IBR but at a reduced cost. 

Kliplok (Profile)

Kliplok products are easy to work with and offer many advantages. This is an official GRS product. 




* Hover to view name & Code. The code along side the paint colour name refers to the Arcelor MIttal Refernce Number

Fish Eagle White – N14128

White Lion – N 15010

Sandstone Beige – N 15365

Gemsbok Sand – N 15366

Azure Blue – N 01109

Buffalo Brown – N 09412

Aloe Green – N 03286

Traffic Green – N 03002

Umhlanga Wave – N 02103

Kingfisher Blue – N 01029

Kalahari Red – N 06551

Dove Grey – N 13639

Dark Dolphin – N 13030

Charcoal Grey – N 13012

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